Attend the biggest food-show in North America

The International Fancy-Food Show is coming to DC.  We are invited to work the show as “temps” on July 10th, 11th, and 12th.  This is the 57th year they put it on (it’s usually in NY) and you will be wowed by 180,000 products from 80 countries and 2400 exhibitors (yes, it’s HUGE, one of the top 5 food-industry trade-shows in the world).

Interested?  Details:

  • Be part of a team at a booth (as a prep chef, general helper, bilingual translator, etc.)
  • $13-15/hr
  • Work one, two, or all three days (July 10/11/12); it’s a Sun/Mon/Tue
  • Hours are from 9AM-5PM
  • Location is the DC Convention Center (metro accessible, though if you’re asked to drive in, they’ll pay for parking)
  • They REQUIRE enthusiasm about food. 😀  They prefer work-experience (at jobs, but not necessarily as chefs; can be retail in general) so that you can jump right in and help an exhibitor run their booth.
  • This can be a FANTASTIC experience for any student, and especially business-minded or food-loving students

To get good placement at the show, let us know if you’re interested by Friday July 1st by emailing (the absolute last-day deadline to let them know is Thursday July 7th).  We’ll get you additional information about the event, and the agency offering us this opportunity (Food Temps, based in Rockville, MD) will ask for your resume and contact info.

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  1. Kate Descoteaux says:

    I really enjoy great conversation around food. Communication is always easier when well fed.

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