Schedule for Cooking Classes Finalized!

The full schedule is below.  CAFE-GMU will put a form online about 2 weeks before each class for Mason students to register.  All the classes will be filmed by the talented Ashlee Duncan and crew for the Mason Cable Network.  Important details about each cooking class will be found on the online signup-form.  Stay tuned for the Sept.12th signup! 😀

All classes will be held on a Monday evening from 5-7PM at Southside‘s “Without Boundaries” station (except the Pastry class).

Sept. 12th – Starches

Lecture topics:  Understanding the different varieties and cooking rice, grains, pastas and potatoes.  Demonstrations and participation:  (1) Making Homemade French Fries (knife skills and technique)  (2) Making Risotto (knife skills and technique).

Sept. 26th – Date Night Dinner

How to prepare a three course dinner to impress a date.  We will prepare an elegant salad course, entree course with a starch, vegetable, protein, sauce and garnish and then a simple but elegant dessert.  (Knife skills, starch cookery, vegetable cookery, sauce making, protein cookery and pastry)

Oct. 17th – Healthy Cooking Choices

Techniques of healthy cooking.  Using spices, herbs and modern sauces for flavors and healthy low fat quick cooking techniques like grilling, wok cooking and poaching.  (Knife skills, vegetable cookery and protein cookery)

Oct. 31st – Spice Class

How to use the proper spices and blends to season foods. Various spices and flavors from around the world.  How to get different simple world flavors with the same protein.  (Knife skills and protein & vegetable cookery)

Nov. 14th – Protein Cookery: Poultry

How to roast a whole chicken, turkey or duck.  Boning an entire chicken.  How to properly cook a duck breast.  (Knife skills and protein cookery).

Dec. 5th – Pastry

How to work with puff pastry and some simple kitchen desserts.  This class will be held in the Southside bakery.  (Baking skills)

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