Hey all!

Bree here, CAFE’s Student Liaison (self-decreed Mascot), letting everyone know that I’ve been working hard this morning to update this page for all of our new members! There’s still a lot of work to go, but all should be well by the end of today.

You may notice that under the Upcoming Events page, everything is “[TBA]”! Planning is underway, but needs your help! Feel free to submit ideas to our Facebook Page and/or through Email (cafe.gmu@gmail.com)! You can even keep an eye on our Pinterest boards and use them for idea inspiration (it’s what we do)!

Also note that our first cooking class with Chef Peter, originally scheduled for March 8, has been postponed. Chef Peter had an unfortunate run-in with a can that day, in which the can won. These things do happen in the kitchen, but they also serve as a reminder for new students to mind all safety precautions. Keep an eye out for the new date, and let us know if you are no longer able to make the class once it has been announced. Priority will be given to those who made the initial list on March 8, but we’ll need to know asap if you can not make the new date so that we can invite someone else to fill your spot. Thanks for your patience!

Lastly, I’d like to simply welcome all of our new members! You guys are what make this club what it is and I hope to get the opportunity to work with all of you in the near future (assuming I’m not crushed under the weight of my class readings first). I’m usually hanging out online while I work, so feel free to ask questions/send suggestions at ANY time. Really. I’m pretty much only unavailable during class hours. The other officers and older members will also chime in when they can, which might be different hours, so either way you should be able to get a fairly quick response. Also, if you see us around don’t feel hesitant to say hello! I love meeting you all!

That should conclude everything I need to say here. Thank you all for reading, cooking, and laughing with us! We’re all about fun and accessible cooking and I hope we can continue to bring this to you over a long period of time!

~Bree Dalrymple

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  1. Joseph says:

    Randy Miller – The new blog is really nice. Your use of lnigthig and shadows is inspiring. The personalities of the girls really shines through. The photo of your boy (in hood)gave me a laugh.Thanks for sharing your art.Randy

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