This is by no means a comprehensive list, and it has not yet been split into “Chefs” and “Apprentices”.  Some of the members below have not cooked for us (yet!), but are excellent cooks:

  • Abby Perez
  • Alex Harel (Certified Food Handler)
  • Alex Harper
  • Alex Stroobee
  • Amy Fitzpatrick (Lover of Baking)
  • Aqua Allen
  • Arryana Morgan (Chef Mentor)
  • Emily MacDougall
  • Garrett S. McNamara
  • Hillary Dennison
  • Jacobo Flores (Grillmaster)
  • Jeanette Dabrowski
  • Joe O’Bryan
  • John Reynolds
  • Kat Harper
  • Kat Main
  • Katie Stevens
  • Kevin Spitery (Head Chef, Spring 2011.  ServSafe certified)
  • Khanh Nguyen
  • Laura O’Bryan (CAFE-GMU mom)
  • Lexie Ramage
  • LisaAnne Fischer
  • Mark Feghali (Head Chef, Fall 2010.  Certified Food Handler)
  • McKenna Weipert
  • Melisse Ilhan (Veggie master and food-science lover)
  • Michelle “Pink Ranger” Bryant
  • Missy Isaacs (Homecookin’ Queen.  First-Aid/CPR certified)
  • Morri Sands (Hostess with the Mostess)
  • Nina Garcia (Mac’n’Cheese diva, Certified Food Handler)
  • Scott O’Bryan (Cookie Ninja)
  • Thomas Phan (Cheesesteak competitor)

We are advised by, work with, and love these professionals:

  • Annie Sidley (L’Academie de Cuisine; and accomplished musician!)
  • Barbara Campbell (Business Manager, GMU Office of Student Involvement)
  • Dave Farris (Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response, GMU Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Denise Ammaccapane (Former Resident District Manager, Mason Dining)
  • James Martin (Administrative Assistant, GMU Housing & Residence Life)
  • Jason Foodgeek (Food Blogger, dcfü
  • Javier Loayza (Mason Dining, Chef Cordon Blue)
  • Josh Cantor (Director, GMU Parking and Transportation)
  • Mark Arnold (Mason Dining, General Manager and Grill-ninja)
  • Mark Kraner (Executive Director, GMU Campus Retail Operations)
  • Peter Schoebel (Mason Dining, CIA-trained Executive Chef)
  • Ram Nabar (Resident District Manager, Mason Dining)
  • Sara Morrisroe (Assistant Director, Student Organizations, GMU Office of Student Involvement)
  • Twila Johnson (Term Assistant Professor, English; Our beloved GMU faculty advisor)
  • Collaboration Enterprise Wiki Software (Atlassian generously donated an unlimited-license to their Confluence Enterprise-grade Wiki)
  • Udi’s, for supporting our gluten-free events with delicious goodies

Food Safety

We take safety seriously: our chefs are encouraged to take the online Food Handler’s test for Virginia and we require at least one certified Food Handler to be at every Event.  The VA Food Handler’s exam is the standard we follow.  The exam is free.

ServSafe offers another exam which is a big step up and members who are serious about pursuing the culinary arts are welcome to take this exam.  Some Awesome things on campus—like cooking in the Bistro’s kitchen—require able and willing members to certify with ServSafe.

We are here to open doors.  It’s up to our members to walk through them.

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