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Whether you like to cook or like to eat, we welcome you.  No matter your skill level, you can contribute in a meaningful way while you practice your existing cooking techniques and learn new ones.

All genders, religions, fraternities, majors are welcome; there’s only one rule: we want you to join us at our table with a nice and helpful attitude!  That atmosphere is what all of us try to bring to our events, and it’s that atmosphere that makes our organization awesome.

There are no dues and the club is 100% free.

Join as a Member

If you’re on Facebook, join our Facebook group.  If you prefer email instead, fill out this form to join our mailing-list.

Mason students should also join our official CollegiateLink group because we may migrate to it in the future (all student organizations are being encouraged to do so).

Join as a Chef

Join us as a member (see the section above), then fill-out this Chef-Signup form with your current skill-level based on the scale below:

  1. No experience:  I eat what others cook
  2. Total Beginner:  I can boil water (hardboiled eggs, pasta, etc)
  3. Novice:  I can make sandwiches and a handful of recipes
  4. Apprentice:  I can follow simple recipes
  5. Cook:  I can cook all my own meals and not suffer malnutrition
  6. Good Cook:  When following recipes, I can make substitutions if I lack ingredients
  7. Sous Chef:  I consistently make tasty meals and am comfortable experimenting with recipes
  8. Executive Chef:  I run my own restaurant
  9. Celebrity Chef:  I have my own show on Food Network
  10. Legendary Food Ninja:  I am secretly Jacques Pepin or Julia Child (I am asked to cook for Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc)

CAFÉ-GMU — Good Food for Great People

2 Responses to Join Us!

  1. Tommy Lim says:

    Hi~~ i hope i can cook well while im joining this club!

  2. Loretta says:

    I am so interested in this club. I hope to learn new cooking methods and make friends doing it! 🙂

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