Chili Success!

Officers John Reynolds, Annie Nguyen, Bree Dalrymple, and Brynna Youmans collect donations for the Katherine Hanley Family Shelter at George Mason University

Congratulations were given to CAFE-GMU this January for their “Chili When It’s Chilly” event, which collected $300.00 for the Katherine Hanley Family Shelter to give to residents as gas cards. From Shelter Houses, Inc:

Katherine K. Hanley Family Shelter would like to thank Cafe GMU for their Chili when It’s Chilly event, when they raised $300.00. They have purchased gas cards and delivered those to KHFS last week. We truly appreciate it, as gas cards help our residents in being able to drive to their job interviews and search for housing.

We made two types of chili — Texas Beef and Vegan — for this chilly winter season. With the outstanding help of Southside’s Chef Peter, we were able to use a charcoal grill on the North Plaza to keep our chili warm all afternoon. We collected donations, but gave chili to all who asked. It is truly amazing how much every penny counts, as many of our donations came from the spare change of students. So we, CAFE-GMU, extend our thanks and congratulations to the community of George Mason University for making this event the extraordinary success that it was!

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