Nutrition Program at Mason

Looking for a summer food-related class at Mason? “There will be an undergraduate summer course on Sustainable Virginia. We will be traveling around the region looking at best practices in food and sustainability. Professor envisions going to Easter Market, DC Kitchen, foraging/hiking mushrooming/exploring wild foods, cheese making, helping on a farm among other activities.”

It will also be offered at the grad level. NUTR 594/494.

Did you know Mason has a Nutrition program?  Did you know we have a wine/beer/spirits tasting class?! NUTR520 is more involved than just drinking booze; you’ll learn the history and manufacturing processes behind it all:

  • Learn how wine and beer are made
  • Brew some beer
  • Visit Virginia vineyards and microbreweries
  • Taste the distinctive flavor characteristics of wines and beers from around the globe
  • Understand the complex social and cultural underpinnings of alcohol consumption

NUTR520: Global Perspectives on Alcohol is an AWESOME class… for 21+ year-olds.

Ever Wonder
… why American Agriculture became Industrial?
… why Earl Butts said “Get big or get out?”
… or why the Local Food movement wants you to eat within 100 miles?

If so, NUTR594 will answer all your questions about American Agriculture in the 20th Century. It’s more writing intensive and challenging than NUTR520, but we’ve met the professor so we know you can learn a lot from her.

For more information about the classes above, contact Gabriella Petrick

Check the GMU catalog for all Nutrition classes

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